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Ukrainian fertilizers price. Eco fertilizers for plants and agro industry

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Fertilizers in Ukraine and agricultural materials in Ukraine and agricultural Alambivat in Ukraine


Believes in agriculture in the Ukraine about 10-11% of the national GDP and employs a quarter of the working population. Ukraine has 42.8 million hectares of agricultural land, which includes 71% of the total area of ​​the country, of which 32.5 million hectares suitable for agriculture (except herbal pasture land and permanent crops, etc.). Ukraine has a favorable climate for agriculture on a large scale, and fertile agricultural soil and access to the many land and water resources.

The Ukraine is rich with "Chernosem" (also known as "black") soil, it is one of the most fertile soils in all parts of the world. And "Chernosem," a black soil that contains a very high percentage of humus (3% to 15%) along with phosphoric acids, phosphorus and ammonia, which occupies 41% of the total area of ​​Ukraine, and even more of its agricultural land (54%) and plowing (58%).

Ukraine is located in thirty percent of the black soil in the world, and 42 million of the 60 million hectares in the country (231,660 square miles) of agricultural land, where the cultivation of wheat, barley, rapeseed and sunflower in abundance. And the crop accounts for about 55% of the total agricultural production. Among the major crops of wheat, corn, sunflower, sugar beet, tobacco, pulses, fruits and vegetables. It includes cattle cows, pigs, sheep and horse breeding etc.

By virtue of virgin territory, Ukraine also stands out as a major organic food producer. And has already been allocated hundreds of thousands of acres of organic farming and agricultural officials and external experts believe that Ukraine can become a major source and help meet the growing demand in Western Europe for such products.

Annual wheat production in Ukraine between 15 to 22 tons. The entire production of grain up between 90-100 million tons. And local needs, even if increased dramatically, takes between 35 to 40 million tons., Making about 50-60 million tons available for export in the field of agriculture. Thus Ukraine occupies sixth place in the grain export market in the world.

The vast majority of the grain, which are exported to Ttouge countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The subject of the Ministry of the local economy, the export of certain categories of agricultural products for recording contracts. And take the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of local action on the need for registration of the export of certain categories of agricultural products for decades. And subject the main items exported from Ukraine to the licensing and / or shares when appropriate and must be registered prior to export.

Ukraine managed to achieve a strong agricultural production in 2015 enabled it to assume a global leadership position:

   Where he ranked first in the export of sunflower oil at a rate of 4 million tons

  And ranked third in the export of barley to 4.5 million tons

  And fourth in the export of corn to 15.5 million tons

   And sixth in the export of wheat to 15.5 million tons

And seventh in the export of soybeans by 2.1 million tons

The production of grain crops and industrial crops and is considered a focal point for agricultural companies. Among the major grains present in the grain market Ukrainian winter wheat, barley and corn fodder Rubaie. The winter wheat crop is essential for each of the farms and agricultural companies.

Fertilizers in Ukraine and agricultural materials in Ukraine and agricultural Alambivat in Ukraine

Cereal crops

Ukraine set a record annual production of cereals for the year of this 2014-2015 (except for the semi-occupied Crimea) amounted to 63.8 million tons, with the average yield productivity of 40.6 tonnes / ha to 43.7 t / ha; in spite of the decline in approximately 5% of land under cultivation, compared with annual output for 2013-2014.

It is expected to decline in grain exports for the year 2015 - 2016 by 28%, due to a fall in total production of grain exports, to top the list of corn exports by nearly 60% of the total grain exports.

Fertilizers in Ukraine and agricultural materials in Ukraine and agricultural Alambivat in Ukraine


Wheat fields stretch to include large areas of agricultural land, and are central and southern Ukraine the main production areas, is about 95% of Ukraine's winter wheat are planted in the autumn and the harvest is during the months of July and August of the following year.

Ukraine produces mostly red winter wheat and hard wheat bread, and based on Ukrainian standards, 80% of the volume of domestic wheat production in favor of the milling and baking industry. In 2013, wheat production reached 23.01 million tons, and this is more B59.18% compared to 2012.

Wheat is used widely in the production of pastries and breads, and this area of ​​the industry has a very important strategic role in terms of the local economy and enjoy a share of about 15% within the food industry in Ukraine.

Wheat also occupy the highest positions in the lists of prices for grain crops.

The strong earnings achieved by Ukraine in 2014 led to a chance breadth of agricultural land area of ​​nearly 11%, specifically winter wheat positive returns of 15.6% equivalent in US dollars and in comparison to other crops and poor productivity of the Russian Federation in the global wheat market was an additional incentive for the expansion of the agricultural area of ​​wheat, giving Ukraine a chance to overtake Russia in the global market.

Consequently Compared to the past year, in 2014 the proportion of the export of wheat has risen to 41% and the majority of imported countries were Asia and Africa, while there was a notable expansion in exports to the EU by more than ten times compared to the year 2013 to 2014, making the EU the second largest a commercial agent for a foreign Ukraine's share of 10%. And 65% of the one million tonnes of wheat exports-term

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