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Juices and fruits in Ukraine

Natural juices industry

Middle East Company for General Trading in Ukraine

Natural juices in Ukraine

Steps production of natural juices

First: the first setup of the juice:

Is choosing the right breed for production, in which the desired characteristics in terms of quality and the abundance of juice, as well as color, taste and smell are available.

Washing: Wash the fruit first, or are soaked in the wash basin primary provider aqueous source of continuous validity as well as the exchange so that keeps a constant water level inside the tub to remove dust and disposal of contaminants on the fruits have this basin provides pipes give compressed air to move the water and fruits to help remove dust and materials conjoined or vapor source to raise the degree of wash water temperature then transported fruit later on a conveyor belt at the beginning of the production hall where they are primary screening to exclude unripe fruits injuries phenomenon is the result of dust removed soaking in a tub after primary screening referred to

Natural juices in Ukraine and Almrba in Ukraine


Wash fruits are one of the following ways:


It is casting a the fruits while they are on the move mobile gun from normal or hot water is controlled in the distance between the water source and moving the mat, and in the water pressure by fruits that are washed type. If it is of the weak type, such as strawberries work to reduce the rush of water and increase the distance to avoid offending fruits and contrary with hard fruits such as oranges, plums

Natural juices in Ukraine and Almrba in Ukraine


Albrmelah machines:

This consists of a wooden cylinder machines of wood revolve around themselves and fitted on the inside of water pipes are sending a powerful machine gun on the fruits of that move during the rotation of the drum from one end to the other party This method is used in washing fruits like orange peels precious.

Sorting and grading:

Natural juices in Ukraine and Almrba in Ukraine

Are sorted fruits are broken and infected fungal and insect pests, or as a result of prematurity are then grading the fruit according to the quality of product to be obtained.

Peel and remove the nucleus:

This method affect the product in terms of quality as well as economic terms, there are several different ways of exfoliation such as manual peeling but the proportion of losses in which large and are slowly, or methods of peeling with steam or hot water and then the sudden cooling in the case of solid fruits heterogeneous in size, such as palm or apple the peeling being mechanical means using stone Alkraborandam that are being peeling by friction and are peeling fruits crust hairy like peaches and apricots, as well as plum hot solvents of caustic soda or a mixture of them with sodium carbonate, and should be a good wash warm with water and stirred equation acid residues alkali after completion peeling

Natural juices in Ukraine and Almrba in Ukraine


The era of fruits:

The age of the fruit in the form of fruits and nature of the process depends, and then the nature of the machines age and design of change in terms of the system and means of age where they can use a rotary dolphins or means of pressure with stirring ring, as in the case of oranges

Natural juices in Ukraine and Almrba in Ukraine


Filter juices:

The liquidation of the juices inside the refineries prepared for it to separate the fiber from the juice and preparation for subsequent operations.

Add sugar:

Estimating the weight of sugar:

Estimated weight of too much sugar is added to the amount of juice to raise the glucose concentration to 55-60% in 1100 and added to 1300 grams of sugar per liter of juice

Natural juices in Ukraine and Almrba in Ukraine


Ways to add and melt the sugar:

Cold way:

Dissolve the sugar in the juice cold without the use of heat in melting the sugar gradually and add, stirring until the sugar dissolves, and disadvantages of this method is slow in the industry and the occurrence of the phenomenon of clarification and change color if the longer the juice store

Natural juices in Ukraine and Almrba in Ukraine

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